The Power of the Group

The Power of the Group

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Boosting competitiveness through the overall power of the group

The five group companies that have Unicraft Nagura as their core pool their respective strengths in the optimum combinations to fully realize the advantages of integrated manufacturing.


The Hamana Lakeside "YuYu Factory": Having fun at doing what you like Continuing to hone the skills of creative and innovative FA craftsmen

"Leisure and Fun", or what we call "YuYu" in Japanese, is the underlying business concept at Unicraft Nagura. Under the banner of "having fun at doing what you like", we implement our own unique 5S, or "Satisfaction x 5", program that emphasizes customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, shareholder satisfaction, society satisfaction, and global satisfaction, all with a spirit of leisure and a sense of play. All of the human resources that play leading roles in our firm star as project leaders and multi-skilled "FA craftsmen", driving powerful teamwork based on sagacity and solidarity to take on the challenge of boosting the share of the global market enjoyed by our core products.