Quality and Environmental Policies

Quality and Environmental Policies

Quality Policy

- Quality Policy
To emphasize quality above all else, provide products that gain the trust and satisfaction of customers, and contribute to the management of the company.

(1) To act in accordance with laws, regulations and customer requirements, and at the same time to continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system.
(2) To set and develop quality targets, and to review them as necessary.

- Quality target
To reach target quality values and improve delivery quality.

The following policy and target are established separately for each fiscal year.
(1) Yearly quality policy       (2) Yearly quality target
ISO9001 certification
ISO9001 certification

Environmental Policy

The Unicraft Nagura group, positioned near the beautiful and natural setting of Lake Hamana, ranks conservation of the local and global environments as a critical management issue, and all employees possess an awareness of the environment and engage in environmental conservation.

1. We are aware of the effects that production activities conducted by the Unicraft Nagura group have on the environment, and we strive constantly to reduce the burden created on the environment through ongoing improvement and by preventing environmental contamination caused by oil outflows and other contaminants. We also promote production engineering development and product development that take the environment into consideration, and strive to maintain and improve the environment.

2. In working to formulate a recycle-oriented society, we conduct energy-saving activities aimed at reducing our power consumption and waste-reducing activities aimed at reducing our waste oil disposal. To conserve resources, we work to improve our zero-defect ratio, reduce the amount of oil used, and use other resources sparingly. We promote activities aimed at using resources carefully.

3. We observe environment-related laws, ordinances and other requirements, and strive to minimize effects on the environment.

4. In order to achieve our environmental policy, we set environmental objectives and targets, and carry out management and improvement activities in addition to periodically reviewing these objectives and targets.

5. All employees are issued a "Green Card" and undergo environment-related education, as well as taking part in in-house public relations campaigns, to make sure they are thoroughly acquainted with environmental policies and to enhance their awareness of environmental conservation.

6. This Environment Policy is publicly posted within and outside of the company.
ISO14001 certification
ISO14001 certification

Yoshihide Nagura, President and CEO
April 7, 2008